Engineers Experience

TLG engineers have extensive analysis and test experience with over 100 different aircraft models from more than 40 different manufacturers. Our experience includes aerodynamic design and analysis, static and dynamic loads and response analyses, flutter analyses, wind tunnel, ground and flight testing. Our engineers have performed engineering design, development, validation and certification engineering for over 100 Type Certificate (TC), Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), product development and special mission/purpose projects.

  • Aeroelastic Modeling and Analysis
  • Static and Dynamic Loads – Product Development, Prototype, Flight Safety, Certification, Fatigue and Damage Tolerance
  • Flutter Characteristics Prediction
  • Aerodynamic Design and Analysis – Subsonic, Transonic, Supersonic and Hypersonic
  • Propulsion Integration
  • Wing Sizing, Planform, Airfoil, and Control Surface Design
  • Wind Tunnel Testing – Subsonic, Transonic, Supersonic and Specialized Spin Testing
  • Flight Testing – Prototype, R&D, Certification, Performance and Handling
  • Handling Qualities Analysis
  • Flight Performance and Mission Analysis
  • NOX Emissions Analysis
  • Trajectory and Re-entry Analysis
  • Engine Inlet Design and Ground Testing
  • Ground Vibration Testing
  • Flight Simulator Development
  • Flight Manual Development